School History

Our History... From the Steele Home to Avondale SDA School 

ALMIRA S. STEELE (1884-1925), founder and director of the Steel Home for Needy Colored Children inspired her students through education and evangelism to establish the first African-American Seventh-day Adventist Church and School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 1919, former children (then adults with children) of the Steele Home for Needy Colored Children in 1919 along with several new families established the first black Seventh-day Adventist Church in Chattanooga on Cross Street. Along with establishing the first black SDA church, they also started the first and only black SDA church school in Chattanooga. After 22 years, the Cross Street Seventh-day Adventist Church members moved to East Eighth Street where church membership and school enrollment continued to grow. By 1968, under the spiritual leadership of Dr. Patrick E. Vincent, the school was moved to a separate location in the Avondale district of Chattanooga where it now resides.